Marpha To Ghasa

on Sunday, 25 April 2010

After requesting that we not walk on the road again today, the guides decided to take us on a very unused trail which went along the side of the river. To begin with it was nice enough, but as it was clearly not used much there had been a lot of landslides and there had not been any fresh trails created yet. This meant a lot of the trekking was not on trails and we were scaling the side of the mountain with our rucksacks and a sheer drop down to the river below us. After climbing along the cliff edge for thirty minutes we come to a huge landslide with a fifteen foot drop down. We clearly can’t make it across and instead of making our way all the way back, the guides decide to cross the river. For some strange reason they decide to cross at the widest point and we have to all take our shoes off and pull up our trousers to cross. The water is absolutely freezing, the current is very strong and the stones under the water are very uncomfortable.

We are both screaming like little girls as we cross over. The trekking after this is pretty boring and so I try and read while walking, which is probably not a great idea.

We stop at a very nice restaurant for lunch and amazingly they have fish and chips on the menu, so that can’t be missed. We finally reach the hotel and my legs are aching so badly that I can’t even stand up and am in agony. I try and just lye there, but then just become freezing and have to go down to dinner in my down jacket, hat and gloves. I can barely eat any of my dinner and am freezing for he night.