Danaque To Chame

on Sunday, 18 April 2010

We have been told Chame is a bigger city and we can get cash and some cheaper snacks. We are still going at a fast pace and only ever seem to be overtaking other trekkers. We pass some porters carrying some bags for, some American guys which are twice the size of ours, with their own small bags strapped on top. I think I would feel bad paying someone to carry my stuff. I have asked Gopal if I can try carrying one of the porters loads to see how much they weigh, and a short while in we come across a porter having a break and Gopal asks if I can try lifting it. I walk over, failry confident I will be able to atleast go a short way with it. The guy is carrying 4 steel planks used for making bridges, which don't look too bad. I put the headband on and go to stand up, thinking it will be easy, but it doesn't even move, let alone get of the ground. I can't believe it, the guy carrying this is a tiny bloke who must be in his 50's atleast. Gopal, who used to be a porter has a go and just about gets it up on his head with the help of a couple of others and walks a short way up the hill. He tells me the porter says it weighs 80kg, but Gopal says he is understimating that and it's even more. We also come a cross a dog that has been spray painted to look like a tiger. We get to Chame and find them selling some serious walking boots for almost half what Tom paid for his trainers and strangely everything seems cheaper than Kathmandu. We have a look around the town and come across a sign painted on the wall that says pool and snooker room. we decide to have a look and walk down a small alley into a barn and find a full size snooker table and pool table. I have absolutely no idea how they got it up here and it just seems ridiculous. We check our emails but at 10R a minute can't spend long. The deal with the hotels is you get a cheaper room, but you must eat and drink at the hotel, otherwise the price doubles or triples. We also buy some tang as the water is now getting too expensive and we are going to have to start using our purifying tablets, which taste dreadful. I make a call home using a locals mobile which costs £1 a minute.