The Best Nights Sleep Ever

on Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I whake up at 5am with Aaroon shouting to get of the bus, I think we have stopped for something to eat or for a toilet stop, but then the other guys say we are there and I am in absolutely shock. I can't believe I have managed to sleep the whole way back and after briefly thinking it was a cruel joke, we jump off and after the nightmare of the journey there, it's great to arrive almost instantly. Apparently during the night because we were lying across the seats, Som one of the guides had climbed through the back window to sleep on the back with all the bags,apparently giving Tom the shock of his life! We arrived back in Kathmandu at 5am and unfortunately when we got to our hostel the door was closed and nobody was at home. We checked a few more, but were all either closed or full as today was Nepali new year. We therefore had to sit outside for two hours until eventually we could get someone to let us inside. Another thing I had noticed was that the usual police were not on the street and there was soldiers instead, we didn't know what if something had happened while we were away, but later found out that all the police had it as a day off, although everyone else went to work as normal. Today we new we had to sort out some gear for trekking as we were leaving the next day for our trek. Tom had to get a few more bits than me, but it was annoying that we had to rush around doing lots of things. We hired down jackets and I also hired a pair of trousers, the down jackets were 25R per day and the trousers were 15R. We were hiring second hand stuff and when we went into this building where it was stred there was room after room piled with jackets, trousers and sleeping bags. The smell was just ridiculous and we didn't know whether any of it had ever been washed. We also bought some other bits and pieces. Me a fleece to replace the one lost at Delhi airport, water bottles, purification tablets, a head torch, gloves and hats, sleeping bags and Tom some trousers and trainers. We needed the sleeping bags because apparently in Tibet it would be below minus 10.
Later in the day we met our guide for the trek his name was Gopal and was just a year older than us. It was a brief meeting and we were meeting some of the guys from rafting for a meal so just had a short chat about what was going to happen. I also went to try and get my laptop repaired but the guy had changed his mind and said he needed 21 days to have it repaired and gave me some xcuse that the screen in this laptop is so delicate that they can't post it and it would have to be sent to the factory to be fitted. Therefore the next chance I will have is in China where I am hoping there is more chance they stock the part. We meet Jonathon and Julio, minus Cecilia as she is feeling ill. We go to a local steakhouse, K-too steakhouse and have a good meal. We learn that Jonathon only arrived back in Kathmandu at 11am this morning after his flight was cancelled the night before, ironically arriving 6 hours after us. I was glad the flight was full when I asked at the airport! I had intended to try and update the blog, but was so tired, we just packed our bags, leaving out anything we didn't need, but they still weighed almost the same as before with our jackets and sleeping bags and were a bit worried they were too heavy.