Final Day In The Kayak

on Sunday, 11 April 2010

Today I manage to sleep in quite late, but whake up with sand all over me and inside my sleeping bag, as we didn't use a ground sheet during the night. I started the day trying the kayak again, but after two more capsizes, one where I ended up going down the rapid smashing against the rocks, I have decided it's not for me. On the way down, on a quite stretch we suddenly hear a loud grumbling noise, we look around and there is a fairly large landslide coming down straight into the river, about 50 yards ahead of us. Luckily we are not too close to the cliff face, but there is a huge cloud of dust which engulfs the whole river and everyone has to cover their faces as we float on through. We set up camp early again and this time there are loads of kids in the camp. They akll want to have their photo taken and after a while they want to try taking photos of each other. After a while they start getting a bit carried away and fighting over the camera and one of the older locals steps in and says no more. For the afternoon Aaroon has gone in the gear raft and one of the other guys has joined us in the raft, to give him a little rest we think, or to give the guy who has been kicked out of his kayak so we could kayak something else to do.