Some More Leisurely Rafting

on Saturday, 10 April 2010

This morning, I have actually whoken not because I am freezing cold as usual, but because stupidly we decided to set up our raft tent on a steep bank and we have all fallen back down into te raft during the night. I am up before everyone else, wheras as Tom can sleep wherever and for however long he likes, once I am awhake that is it. So I get up and start a fire to keep warm. For breakfast this morning, amazingly we have chocolate pancakes with honey, the food really has been a welcome shock on this trip. I start the day in the kayak and although I manage a few small rapids, just. I am not enjoying it much and just can't get my balance. I paddle over to the raft and ask if anyone else wants a go, just as I finish speaking, somehow, in the calmest water possible I capsize, for a few seconds I am trying to remember what Jonathon has said, but it's pointless and I have to bail out. It's easy to get out, but it's just the hassle of having to get the kayak out and empty it when you pull out. As I come to the surface, I notice Paul has jumped in to help, while Tom just laughs on the boat, cheers pal. We drag the kayak onto the raft and empty the water and Tom jumps in to have a go, I get the job of lowering him slowly into the water although the temptation to dunk the kayak straight downwards is strong, I manage to resist, just. We stop quite early and today is a very short day, with only some small rapids. The nigh before the guides had tried to catch some fish with some net they found in the river but had been unsuccessful and only caught some leaves. When we arrived at camp, some local kids had come over in one of their canoes made from a hollowed tree and the guides had asked them to catch some fish. A couple of hours later they returned with a huge bag full of fairly small fish, but apparently about 5kg! We try the eskimo roll some more, but are still unable to do it and I am at the point of giving up. Julio has a go and on his second attempt, turns himself straight over, unbelievable! We play some more cards, including 500, a similar game to contract which is quite good fun. The guides as usual are asleep ealry but again we play till the candles have burnt out.