Second Day In The Boat

on Thursday, 8 April 2010

We have our first challenging day of rafting today which includes the rapids First enquiry, Humans for lunch(our favourite) and Jailhouse rock. For a couple of the rapids we have to stop beforehand and go and have a look to find the best route. I am always hoping we will end up going of the big drop or into the "washing machine" as Aaroon our guide says. We stop for lunch as usual and then stop quite early at about 2:30pm as we have had some quite hard rapids. As we arrive at our camping spot the guys on the gear raft pick up a women on our side of the river and give her a lift over to the otherside, where a man has been waiting. We guess she just needed a lift over, but we notice the man seems to be looking in her mouth or eyes and shortly after the raft brings her back over. We ask Aaroon what was going on and he says that she was feeling unwell and the man was the only doctor in the area, so she had walked down the river to see him and he had given her some tablets. After unloading the rafts me and Tom try practicing some more eskimo rolls, but I just can't get the hang of it and to be honest can't even get my balance going in a straight line, which is getting frustrating. Our dinner is lasagne and chips and although lasagne is one of the things I would not touch at home, I eat it and it's not so bad after all. We start a fire and play some cards and crack open the rum and coke.