Start Of The Journey From Hell

on Monday, 5 April 2010

We leave our hotel at Chitwan at about 8am and are catching the bus to the Indian border which is going to drop us off early in a town called Narangath. The bus journey to Narangath is not very long and only takes about one hour, we are have been told to meet at a cafe in town and fortunately the bus drops us directly outside so we don’t have to walk around looking for it. We have been told we will have to wait around for a couple of hours because the bus is due to leave Kathmandu at 7am and it takes about five hours to get to Narangath. After about 5 hours of waiting, luckily the cafe has wifi and I can call our tour guide using skype, as our phones don’t work in Nepal. He gives me the number for the guide on the bus, but after several attempts to ring I can’t get through. Luckily, just as we have given up hope of ever being collected we spot a bus driving up the road with three kayaks on the roof and are relieved to find it is our bus. We are greeted by Aaroon, our guide for the trip and he says we will be driving for six hours and then stopping over night and driving another six hours in the morning. We had been told it would be an 18 hour straight journey so this is a bit of good news. There is 6 other people on the trip with us plus our rafting guide, Aaroon and 4 other crew. Our fellow rafters are a Australian/French couple, Paul and Anne Sophie, a Brazilian couple, Julio and Cecilia, a Dutch guy called Oscar and Jonathan, a kiwi who is doing kayaking. After about 6 hours of driving Aaroon announces we will do a bit more driving tonight to shorten the journey tomorrow, which sounds good and we end up driving till about 10pm before stopping at a local roadside restaurant/guesthouse. That concludes about 14 hours of travelling for that day. Our room is very basic and we get the boring Nepalese food Dal Bat before having to spend 10 minutes swatting te mosquito's in our room. But at least we should only have a few more hours driving tomorrow.