First Day In Agra

on Saturday, 27 March 2010

We have a bit of a lye in on our first day in Agra and decide to just chill out and do the attractions tomorrow. We start of by going to get our tickets for the Taj Mahal, which are 750R each, a lot of money, but it’s got to be done. As we are walking down the road a rickshaw driver pulls up beside us and starts trying to take us somewhere, we decline in every possible way but he just follows us for about a mile down the road, until eventually we decide to go and check out the local golf course, on the way we have our first accident in a rickshaw, when our driver hits a cyclist, fortunately it is not bad and he is ok. Although the course is absolutely empty, without a single person playing they want 700R for 9 holes, which seems a bit steep and they won’t budge on the price, so we decide to not bother. We end up having a look around town and doing a bit of shopping, we try to post some stuff home, but the first stop India post, tell us we have to come back on Monday, for what reason we don’t really understand. We also stop off at DHL, but initially they want 4000R(£60), it comes down to 3400R, but it’s still ridiculous, so we will now have to wait till Varanasi to try and send our stuff with India post who charge about 1000R. We get a fairly early night as we plan to visit the Taj Mahal at 6am tomorrow morning, apparently the best time!