First Open Water Dives

on Tuesday, 9 March 2010

We had an early start today and were up at 7am so we were ready to get the bus at 8am. We had a 20 minute ride to the boat and about 30 minutes boat ride to the island where we were diving, apparently the only place the Goan government will let them dive. The boat journey involves a little information from Dusty, a trainee dive master. Geoff gives Dusty a bit of a hard time, but he does seem a bit slow.

We are warned the visibility isn’t good and he isn’t lying, it’s dreadful. Our first dive is just a pleasure dive, we go down about 9m and have a look around the wreck, although the visibility is dreadful, we see a few fish. We come up after 18mins and Tom has now become a world record holder, for using the most air ever. He is nicknamed the “Air Pig” and we have some lunch of fruit and biscuits. The second dive we repeat the exercises we did in the pool the first couple of days for another 18mins. After we have finished we take the boat back, on which we spot a dolphin and are shown a massive cliff top mansion which is the Goan presidents house and also the Goan beachside jail with sea views.

As we come into the estuary where the boat docks against a very rickety bamboo ramp we spot some men in the water next to long poles. Apparently they are collecting muscles and use their feet to loosen the muscles and then dive down to collect them. We finish the days scuba and are back at Baga beach by 12:30.

We chill out for a bit on the beach and have a walk up the beach, there seems to be an Indian end and a non Indian end. For some reason there is loads of cows on the beach today, just walking up and down and lying on the beach. We tried a new restaurant today, a barbecue place. I had a crab curry thing which was nice but a pain to get the meat out and lot of pieces of shell. We pop down to the beach bar for a couple of drinks and a few games of foosball and pool. Tom almost gets beaten by the bar manager playing one handed. Albert, one of the other barmen tells us a joke, “Two children were arrested on the beach last night, one for drinking battery acid and the other for eating fireworks, there was a public outcry because the police charged one and let the other one off.”