Start Of Second Week At Happy

on Monday, 13 December 2010

So today was the first say of my second week. I was a bit late again, the buses in the morning are ridiculously over crowded and you have to squeeze on. I went home for lunch, had something to eat and posted some letters. After my afternoon classes I went to EF and luckily managed to get my money, even though the guy managing the place had quit after not being paid. A dreadful company! The traffic on the way was ridiculous and the Chinese people have no patience at all, and there is no such thing as a yellow box junction, so quite often at a crossroads everyone will just push out and then go so close to the car in front that they can’t reverse and it just turns to complete gridlock. They really are the worst drivers I have ever seen. After I pick my money up I head back and sit in the square to use some of the free Wi-Fi to download and then go home and get an early night. The last week I have not been able to sleep the whole nigh without waking up and am therefore very tired, I hope I can sleep better soon, I just have a lot on my mind at the moment.


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