On My Way To Hong Kong

on Friday, 17 December 2010

Last night I didn’t sleep very well and woke up feeling quite ill. I went to the kindergarten anyway and at lunch went home and packed my stuff for my time in Hong Kong. When I left the school I was feeling really ill, with a really bad fever. On the ferry I was freezing and when I got to Hong Kong I felt dreadful and thought their scanners were going to pick me up as being ill and refuse me to enter. The cameras started beeping loads as I walked past but they didn’t do anything. I had not booked a hostel in Hong Kong stupidly and turned up at the usual place to find they were fully booked. So I felt really ill and I had nowhere to stay. We ring loads of hostels but everywhere is fully booked and am almost going to pay £100 plus for a hotel. Luckily there is a no show at the hostel and after an hour of sitting there looking for a place we get a room there. I feel really dreadful and Waiyi does a great job of looking after me, buying me medicine and food, although I can’t eat. She also gives me my Christmas present, I think partly because she is just so excited about it a week early. It is a really nice coat, which keeps me warmer. I am absolutely freezing and sleep with most of my clothes on. In the morning we have to check out and Waiyi has arranged a night at a hotel one of her clients runs. The first night costs 450HKD(£40) and this hotel is 800HKD (£70)! I really can’t afford to do this but it just shows I need to plan better in the future.


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