New Years Eve In Zhuhai

on Friday, 31 December 2010

Today is new years eve. I have to work, but after work I go to the port and pick up Waiyi. We sort out my apartment so that I have another two months to stay and then quite late we head out to the bar street. We decide to try and get a bus there, but I have always got taxis before. We don’t see anything and it is quite late so end up just getting some food where we get of the bus at Ajisen Ramen. We then walk around trying to find the bar street, but it doesn’t work and at 11:00pm we just get in a taxi and go there. It is really really busy and we have clearly arrived too late, everywhere is absolutely packed and as we are not eating we have no where to sit down, we should have arrived early and eaten here. We try a couple of bars but they are ridiculously busy and the Chinese people are so drunk and rude, we decide to just leave and go back to the apartment. We watch the Hong Kong fireworks on the TV instead. I should have just paid for the visa and gone to Hong Kong for the weekend, but I need to go next week to meet mum and dad on their way home from New Zealand. So this new years is pretty uneventful and goes by without a single beer being drunk! It’s a new year though and a new month away. Not long and it will be a year since I left home. I am starting to think after that point I will return home, if only for a short period before deciding what to do next!


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