Half Day At Work

on Monday, 27 December 2010

Today I have a half day at work, Waiyi has the day of as it is a holiday in Hong Kong. I have to go in, in the morning, so get up early and go and do the morning classes. I am finished and back at the apartment by 11:30pm. We don’t end up doing much though e have a look around and play some pool and Waiyi helps negotiate me to stay in the apartment for another to months for 1000RMB (£90) a month. Waiyi gets the 9:00pm ferry back to Hong Kong and after dropping her off I go home. The cab driver decides to pick up one of his drunk mates on the way. The fare should be about 19RMB, but the meter shows 22RMB. I give him 20 but the guy has the cheek to ask for more, I just walk off. I get an early night, back to work tomorrow and all by myself in Zhuhai.


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