Finding Matt

on Thursday, 16 December 2010

This morning the weather is dreadful again, it is freezing cold and raining. At lunch I come home and go and speak to some people at GLV, because this week I have not been able to get hold of Matt. I speak to one of the teachers and they say that GLV hasn’t heard from him either and that she will check with the women in charge. I go back to the kindergarten and finish my classes and then return to GLV in the afternoon. I manage to speak to the women in charge and she says they have been trying to contact him all week and either on Sunday or Monday he had moved out of the apartment and nobody has seen him since the weekend. He has completely disappeared without telling anyone. It is really weird. I have tried contacting him on both his numbers and also emailing him and messaging him on Facebook. So far nobody has been able to speak to him though!


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