Christmas Eve

on Friday, 24 December 2010

This morning is Christmas Eve, I have to work today. In the morning I have lessons and get my Santa suit and have to dress up and stand at the gate giving out candy. I go home for lunch and when I return there are no lessons because the kids are all preparing for the show with costumes and make up. The show starts at about 5:00pm and all the kids do their little dances and songs in front of all the other kids and their parents one by one. Waiyi arrives at about 5:15pm and we watch some of the show before I  have to go and get changed. Nobody has given me or Alan, the other English teacher at the kindergarten any information and in all the practices we just walk down the climbing frame thing after the last show and say Merry Christmas and then go and give out candy at the dinner tables. There are some spotlights set up as it is dark. Then we are told to stay on the climbing frame and then again told we should walk to the stage. Anyway, the last show finishes and the lights don’t come on, we walk down towards the stage, then there are loads of fireworks going off and we just don’t know what we are supposed to do as they have told us nothing. We just start throwing the candy to the kids and go onto the stage. It turns out we were supposed to stay on the climbing frame until the fireworks had gone off and then the lights would come on and we would walk to the stage. It would be nice to have some information on what is going to happen! After we give out all the candy, there is some food, but it has pretty much been eaten by all the kids and parents. Chinese parents were trampling over the kids to get the free candy and food. I get changed out of the Santa costume and we leave to get some food. We end up going to sleep at about 10:00pm as we are very tired! Tomorrow is Christmas day, but it will be very weird spending it in Zhuhai, China with just Waiyi! Merry Christmas everyone!


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