Christmas Day In Zhuhai

on Saturday, 25 December 2010

So this morning I wake up to a very different Christmas, in Zhuhai, China. With just Waiyi. I only have two presents one from work and one from Waiyi. We stay in bed until about 11am and then go into town to see if anything is going on. There is nothing really going on, so we just walk around and get some food and I manage to speak to mum and dad and my brother and sister on Skype briefly, although the connection is not great. The weather turns quite bad and we end up heading back to the apartment, where we get some food and watch a film, but I fall asleep half way through, so am asleep at about 9:30pm on Christmas day! I wouldn’t say it was the most entertaining Christmas ever, but at least I was not completely alone.


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