Back To Work

on Wednesday, 22 December 2010

This morning I feel better, still not great but thankfully a bit better. I decide to go in a little bit late and Ivy and Happy, the boss are really nice and say “Don’t worry about it”. Then in the morning the classes are cancelled and everyone is rehearsing for the play. I go outside and watch all the kids practicing and find out that I have to stay till 6pm on Friday, I had hoped to leave early because Waiyi is arriving at 4:30am , but she can come and watch anyway, I also find out I have to be Santa and walk around with a big bag of sweets to give to all the kids, great, I also have to speak to all the kids and their families! We do a short rehearsal, but they don’t tell me where to go or what to say or do, so I am just walking around puzzled, not very good planning going on, but some of the class shows are very good. Afterwards it is almost lunch so I just go plan for the afternoon and then back to the apartment for some lunch, by now I am feeling much better and the mouthwash seems to be working great. I go back and do the afternoon classes then return home and just relax in my apartment.


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