Worst Hotel Ever

on Sunday, 21 November 2010

Today I am woken up at 7am by the most ridiculously loud hammering and drilling noises. I go to the window and look out and 2 foot from the glass is a workmen and around him are about 5 others banging and drilling stuff. I put in my headphones and try to get back to sleep but it is just so ridiculously loud. We obviously move hotels and try and get a refund, after a lot of arguing we finally get 40 yuan taken of the bill, but really the room is not worth anything. We get in the new hotel and it is actually much better for less money. Matt has some part time work today and when he finishes he rings me and says they want to give me a job, unfortunately they are only taking one of us, so although I am happy, it is a shame we both don’t get to work together. We all go and watch the new Harry Potter, everyone agrees it is dreadful and I am annoyed we waste the time watching it. We then go to the ice bar and play some zilch with Brad. We get quite an early night though as I have to go to the EF tomorrow.


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