Unemployed Again

on Tuesday, 30 November 2010

This morning I get up, check out of the hotel and move the rest of my stuff into the apartment.  Me and Matt get something to eat and then sit in the GLV using the internet. I have to be at EF for the business training by 2:00pm. But I really hate the job and am contemplating quitting, especially after hearing more stories about people not getting paid and even the boss sending an email saying two members of staff still haven’t been paid since October. I get there and watch a business class, the business class is actually ok and doesn’t seem to difficult, but a combination of things, mainly the fact they want me to teach 5 different classes and not mainly kindergarten, which is why they hired me. I have some interviews set up at some local kindergartens this week and although it is probably stupid to quit your job when you haven’t got another one and have no money, especially after just over one week, I just really hated it and it was actually making me miserable and ridiculously stressed. It was a huge relief after I had said I was quitting. I go back and meet Matt for some food and a beer then we go and watch a film, Manhunter, at Brads apartment.


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