Trying To Find The Buddhist Temple

on Friday, 26 November 2010

Today I get woken up by Matt, for some reason I am sleeping very late and still feeling very tired. He wants to go to the Buddhist temple. I have to pick up my medical report first. I arrive at 12:15pm and they have gone to lunch and the guy says come back at 2pm. Luckily a nice women opens up and gets my report for me. I head back, and we get a bus to the Buddhist temple, it turns out it is not here and there is just a very expensive garden, for 50 Yuan. They say the temple is miles away in the mountain, so we decide I have enough time and don’t know where to go so head back. I send a few more job applications to some kindergartens, in the hope I can get a better job before I sign the contract. I get one women ring me almost straight away and arranges an interview for Monday. Fortunately I am not working so will go there on Monday and hopefully get that job. Which is both more money and I don’t have to work weekends and I prefer the younger kids as well. Fingers crossed!


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