Teaching At Number 9 Middle School

on Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Today the other half of the class teaches at a local school, but not until 4:30pm. For the rest of the day we just do some more planning and finish of some other work in our folders that needs to be completed before the end of the course. We have to make sure tomorrows class is all prepared as well. We leave for the school at about 4:00pm and get taxis, the school is really nice. Everyone is a bit worried about this model as it is supposed to be the hardest, but thankfully my lesson goes fairly well, probably one of the best so far. We go back to the school, have a couple of drinks at the ice bar as it is somebodies birthday, then we go back to the apartment and I end up sleeping at about 10:00pm as I am so tired. Tomorrow is the last day of teaching, then we get our certificate on Friday and me and Matt will leave for Shenzhen, where we both have an interview at a kindergarten on Saturday.


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