Leaving Hong Kong Again

on Friday, 19 November 2010

This morning I leave Hong Kong at about 10am, I go to Shenzhen and still haven’t decided to go to the interview in Shenzhen or not. I decide not to as it is not legal and instead go to Zhuhai where I can get free accommodation as an intern at GLV. I meet Matt in Shenzhen and we get the ferry down, I go to GLV to sort out the internship, but it can’t be organised today and I have to email. We then go straight to an interview at English First in Zhuhai. We observe a kindergarten lesson and get to join in and help out. The boss Mike who had originally said there was two positions now said it is unlikely we will both get the job as one position is for kindergarten mainly and the other business English and he has a guy trained in business English. It is a bit of a shame because it would be great for us both to get a job together. Mike does say the guy wants a lot more money and it may not be approved, so there is still a chance of us both getting the job. After we are shatttered as it has been a long day so go back to the ice bar for some drinks. I plan to get a hotel after as I think there will be plenty of room. It turns out there isn’t at 12:30am and I end up having to stay at Matts as GLV has not replied either.


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