Last Days Teaching At Sanzao

on Thursday, 11 November 2010

Today is our last TP and pretty much the end of the course. I am the first teacher and get a great class and the lesson goes great. I watch everyone else then we head back to finish of some paperwork in the folder. We have a farewell dinner in the evening and me and Matt also have to go and do English corner again! I also spend some more time researching jobs and we also have a presentation by GLV. It seems to be the policy of the Chinese government to give work visas to degree holders and they should also have two years teaching experience, I don’t have either. I think in very rare occasions the school would get the visa for you, but I think this is very unlikely. It is a bit worrying as it seems all the schools contacting me want to work on a tourist visa illegally, especially working in this area of China, I would have to go to more remote areas of China to get a work visa legally. I hope I could sort something out soon.


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