Interview At Kindergarten

on Monday, 29 November 2010

This morning I had an interview at a kindergarten, the kindergarten was really really nice and was the perfect job. Unfortunately my demo didn’t go great and they would not get a visa, I would have to keep going to Hong Kong or Macau. I am really not liking EF now and am actually on the brink of quitting after just one week. I am disappointed with the lesson and am not confident of getting a job there. Me and Waiyi look for some more apartments and I find somewhere for 1200 Yuan a month for a 1 bedroom place. Me and Matt were going to get a place together but he is probably going to go to Hangzhou instead now, so I just rent for one month to see what happens. Matt has an interview for the same kindergarten that afternoon and says it went dreadful as well and that they had 10 other people applying for the job. Me and Waiyi get some dinner and then go to the port. We arrive 5 minutes before the boat is due to leave and although we have done this the last two times this time the boat has left early and she misses it. We have to wait for another hour and then I go to the ice bar for a couple f drinks with Matt. I have to go to EF tomorrow to be trained in teaching business English.


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