First Reading And Writing Lesson

on Friday, 5 November 2010

Today in the morning we have our first reading and writing lesson. It is at the same school, we did the first lesson. My lesson goes quite well I think, and we watch Jenny give a demonstration of the next lesson model, which is great. We then go back to the school, the last few days it has started raining and pretty much not stopped, I hope the sun comes back soon. Its the first time in 8 months it has been less than 25 degrees and bright sunshine. I try and get all my work done and planning for next Monday so I can finish at 5, when Waiyi is coming over to meet me. I get almost everything done and leave at 5 an pick her up. We go to the dumpling king restaurant and then the ice bar for some beers and some dice. We play a new game that Brad teaches us called Zilch, very fun game ad a welcome change to the usual one. We stay a while, me, Waiyi, Renee, Matt and then Lydiah and her husband join us a bit later. We go home about 11pm as everyone doesn’t feel like staying late tonight, instead we will go out tomorrow. I have to be up at 10am tomorrow to go to a teacher training session the school we are in is doing. It is optional but I think it will be useful.


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