First Interview

on Saturday, 13 November 2010

Today we have an interview with a women for a job at a kindergarten in Shenzhen. Luckily the checkout time of our hotel is 2:00pm, so we can leave our bags at the hotel, while we go to the interview. The women asks us to meet her at KFC and after a nice girl guides us to it we arrive and wait for Issabella to arrive. She arrives about 15 minutes late, asks us a few questions and takes some photos. I have to leave to get a new Chinese visa tomorrow and Matt will come as well. Issabella arranges an interview for Matt on Monday. We both go back to the hotel and get out stuff and make our way to Hong Kong. We get checked in at the hostel, the same one I stayed at last time and then me, Matt and Waiyi go for some food and then to Lan Kwai Fong. We meet Lydiah and Robin and they take us on a tour of LKF and Wan Chai. Inevitably we all get very drunk and don’t get home till late.


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