Visiting The School

on Saturday, 16 October 2010

Today we get up quite late, we go and find the school and have a little tour and also find the place where the apartment is, but we can’t get in as it is gated.We go and do lots of shopping, as I need some smart clothes to teach my lessons in. There are shoes for less than £5 but they are all too small. I get some trousers for £9 and they take them up for me and iron them in the shop! I get a shirt for £2.50 but the sleeves are much too short.  . I also buy a new electric shave which is quite expensive and a towel. We then go to the pool hall where it takes Waiyi two and a half hours to beat me before we can leave. We then go to a seafood restaurant near the Macau border where they have a fish market near the restaurants and you just choose the seafood, buy it, then take it into one of the restaurants and for a small fee they will prepare it for you. We then go back to the apartment. Tomorrow I go to the school to sign on and move into my apartment!


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