Third Days Teaching

on Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Today we had our third days teaching which including another Grammar lesson, which was quite difficult but we have been told is not very important and our last language class, which was in Hunan. The lesson was not quite as good as the Thai one, but was still a good example of a lesson model for when we teach some classes. Hunan was not as interesting though as it is only spoken by a very small amount of people and you would never  have a use for it. After  we had finished and had some food, we went and tried to find somewhere to buy a USB internet stick. Luckily Renee was with us and can speak Mandarin, so she could ask all the questions. We could only get the sim cards and would have to get the USB sticks from elsewhere, but they would all be closed now, so instead we went to a coffee shop for some Wi-Fi instead.


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