Thailand Round Up

on Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So after just finishing another week in Thailand. 9 weeks in total! The most spent in any country so far, I thought I’d write what I thought of Thailand. When we first arrived we went straight to our muay thai training camp in Phuket. Here we spent three weeks training and other than that did not do too much, apart from a few trips to the cinema ad the beach. These three weeks were hard work, I would probably say even more so than the trekking in Nepal, because at least there we had amazing mountains and scenery to see. After a few days, I could tell the actual fighting was just not interesting me and it became just a way to lose some weight and get fit. In hindsight though, I personally just didn’t put in the effort I should of, maybe because it was not interesting me, or maybe I just didn’t give it enough of a chance. So after the training we went to Koh Pha-Ngan, this was a party island and personally I didn’t really like it. The full moon party was massive and a good laugh with friends, but staying on the island at least in Haadrin is not nice. I later find that there are some unbelievably nice areas of the island as good as any of the others we visit, perhaps even the nicest beach in Thailand, just so completely different from the party area in the south, I couldn’t believe one end of the tiny island could be so much different to the other. At this point we only spent one night on Koh Samui, so didn’t really have a chance to see what it was like. Next we went to Phi Phi, I had been expecting a paradise island, and although the the small island of Phi Phi Ley was very nice! The main island was dirty, as was the beach, with just a few bars on the beach. It was a huge let down and one day is plenty to just take a longtail to Phi Phi Ley. Next we went over to Phuket, this time we stayed in Patong which is the busier area of Phuket, the beach was surprisingly very nice and it is a very busy place. The main road is not very nice, just lots of lady bars and lady boys everywhere. Next we were up to Bangkok, which was also a bit of a let down, the capital city, but there is actually not much to do and the hassle in Khao San Road was not very nice. After this everybody left and it was just back to me and Tom. Next we were up to Chiang Mai for a few days, but this turned out to be a very nice place, with loads of things to do and also cheap and with a pretty good nightlife. We only had 3 days here, and it was nowhere near enough. You needed at least 1 week if not 2.

After Chiang Mai, me and Tom went back to Bangkok and then went our own ways for the next 10 days while I met Waiyi back down south on the islands. We stayed at some very nice hotels, for a comparatively cheap price to a hotel in the UK. Even though I had visited a lot of the islands already, we managed to fit in things that I had not done before with the other guys.

Later I would return to Koh Samui for a week with Adam and after only spending one day here last time, found it to be one of the best places in Thailand. I could spend a long time here. In the end I actually started to quite enjoy Thailand and after you get over the seediness of it, there are some really fun places and some excellent beaches, I would love to go back in the diving season to spend a few weeks diving around Thailand!


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