Stanley Beach

on Sunday, 3 October 2010

Today we visit Stanley beach. There are actually several very nice beaches in Hong Kong and Waiyis mum works at this one. We look around all the shops and meet her mum during her lunch break. It is very expensive around here and one drink in a British type pub is nearly £6. We have a hotdog at a local stall, where another one of Waiyis friends work, but the hotdog and cheesy fries are pretty dreadful. We head back and have some dinner, before going to watch a film. We watch a film called detective Dee, which is actually a Cantonese film, starring the most famous Hong Kong actor Andy Lau. The film is actually really good and having to read the subtitles is not that much of a problem. The cinema is near Waiyis home, so she goes home and I head back to my hostel. When I get back the road next to mine has been shut by the police and there is a security van at the side of the road, I assume it has been attacked, but find out in the morning from Waiyi that two of the guards had an argument and one of them fired their shotgun into the air! Crazy!


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