Really Bad Lesson

on Friday, 29 October 2010

Today we had to teach another lesson. This time it was at a local private school. This one is a richer school than the first one though. Again I was last, This time we had different grades of students. I had level 6 and the lesson went dreadfully. I forgot a few steps in the lesson plan and the kids were not paying attention and causing lots of trouble. It was disappointing and I realise I need to practice the lesson a lot more before going in there. Hopefully next time it will go much better. Afterwards we all went back to the school and as our next lesson is not till Friday of next week and the afternoon was for lesson planning most people went home. I stayed and wrote my CV though and sent it off to the TEFL person in Hong Kong. Fingers crossed I will be able to get some work there. In the evening I watch some TV I have downloaded, Spooks and we go out for some food and a few drinks to celebrate some peoples birthdays. There is a Halloween party at the school, so we go and have a look, after we have a quick drink at the bar before going back and watching a film. I go to sleep quite early because I am starting to feel a bit tired and ill. Waiyi will come over to visit again for the weekend, but will not arrive until late because she has a basketball match in the morning.


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