National Day

on Friday, 1 October 2010

Today is the Chinese national day. Apparently there is a parade near my hotel, but when it finally comes it is actually a demonstration against the Chinese government claiming they have been stealing peoples organs and people are marching with some pretty disturbing photos. There is also some people dressed up pretending to cut organs out of each other. We go to another area and there is some singing and dancing and some stalls with kids games. The games are all very simple and practically impossible to lose, but there is just old women queuing up time and time again on the same game to win a kids pencil or other stupid little prizes and just filling their bags with the stuff! We then go and watch the firework show at the harbour, it is 23minutes long and apparently cost over $3 million. The harbour front is absolutely packed with people, the show is very impressive and when it comes to leaving it is very difficult and takes a long time to get out of the area. We stop off in Lan Kwai Fong for some drinks, before heading home.


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