Laptop Is Back

on Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Today, I am checking out of the hotel and spending one night at Waiyi’s before going to Guangzhou the next day. I get up and pack everything away and put some clothes in to be washed. Then go to meet Waiyi for lunch, I arrive a bit early so spend some time walking around Kowloo park, until she can leave. We have lunch with Chris and another colleague of Waiyis. We have some Chinese food which includes pig ear, jellyfish, ox stomach and taro. Both the taro and the pig ear almost make me through up and the jellyfish is not much better. The ox stomach is actually surprisingly quite nice, but too spicy. After lunch I go and collect my laptop which they have managed to fix that morning. I pick up the laptop and then return to Causeway Bay and use the internet in the hostel, while I wait for Waiyi to finish work and to pick up my laundry and visa.


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