First Lesson By Ourselves

on Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Today we have lessons in the morning again, we are split into to groups of 4 and mine is the last lesson of one group. I watch Matt and Donna first, then Kathryn and then it was me. We have a class of about 25, 14 year olds. The kids are much smarter and more well behaved and the lesson goes brilliantly, with me only forgetting a few little things. After the lessons we are swamped with the kids wanting autographs and emails and to shake our hands. It is a amazing and the kids are so keen to learn and are so excited and hard working.  We go back to the school and do an evaluation of the class and a bit more planning, tomorrow we have a day of teaching, with another class on Friday. We go and watch a film at Matts again after having a few drinks in bar street.


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