Bad Steak And Some New Clothes

on Monday, 4 October 2010

Today, I am up late again. I meet Waiyi for lunch and we go to a place called Quarterdeck, with amazing views of the harbour. They have a special deal for lunch, which includes two drinks, a main course and as much of the buffet as you want. We have a steak, which is very tough and not particularly great, but for the price and the restaurant location is ok. Waiyi has an extra long lunch, of two hours as the boss is away. Afterwards I go and buy some new clothes, my tee shirts are getting a bit tatty and sadly not doing 8 hours of walking and eating a lot more and sitting on beaches have meant they don’t fit too well either. I will need to join a gym and go on a diet when I get back in China. The food and clothing are two things that are actually fairly cheap in Hong Kong, so I get some tee shirts for just a few pounds and jeans are only about a tenner. The housing is the real killer when living in Hong Kong. A horrible small flat sets you back at least £250,000 and anything decent is half a million plus! After shopping, I go and meet Waiyi for dinner and some drinks with Chris and another friend called Elvis. We only stay for one drink though as it is Monday night and it is not very busy!


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