Another Day In Gongbei

on Sunday, 31 October 2010

We get up and have some breakfast and sort a fw things out in the morning. By the time we go to Gongbei it is already nearly midday. We play a bit of pool then I do some go karting, I manage to get my time down to below 1 minute, in fact 5 seconds faster than last time. Waiyi doesn’t want to do it so I end up going round by myself. We then get a bit of food and look at some of the shops. It is getting quite cold here now so for the first time in 8 months I need to get some winter clothes, as I just have the one fleece. I don’t end up buying anything because I am a bit short of money at the moment and have at least 2 more weeks to go before I can start working and then it will be a month before I get paid and a month in Hong Kong will be expensive, especially if I have to pay rent upfront. We get back to the apartment and Waiyi helps with some of my grammar test, then we go and get some food. She has some frog with rice and stupidly I get the Hawaiian pizza which is basically a cheese pizza with no tomato and a tin of fruit dumped on top. It is disgusting! I then take Waiyi to the port and she heads back to Hong Kong until next weekend. I get the bus back and spend an hour sitting in the square outside the school where they have a stage and they have some singers performing and I right the blog, which I need to be writing more regularly not trying to remember 2 weeks worth of stuff. Tomorrow it’s back to school. We are half way through though now, just hoping I can sort a job out in Hong Kong before the end of the course, fingers crossed.


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