2nd Days Teaching

on Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Today we had classes again for most of the day, including a Thai lesson which was good and taught us the style of how we would teach an English lesson later in the course. We then went and played some pool in Gongbei for an hour before going back to our apartment. Shortly after we had to be at KFC for the English corner where we chat with people, including students and locals. There were only 3 pupils, 2 from the school and one local and 3 of us. We had to stay an hour but ended up staying an hour and a half. We have to do 2, 2 hour sessions to get free food for the whole month, which is a very good deal, especially as the food is very good and large portions. The students English was actually quite good and a conversation was fairly easy, especially with one called Joe whose English was excellent and said he had taught himself.


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