Singapore Grand Prix

on Sunday, 26 September 2010

Today is the day of the Grand prix, we end up arriving at about 3:30pm, it is absolutely packed. We manage to catch a Porsche race before the grand prix and the views are not too bad. We wait around for the actual race to start and try to find somewhere to stand about an hour before the race starts, but all the stands are completely packed out and you can barely see anything. If I went again I would definitely pay the extra for some decent seats. The organisers have also restricted lots of views for what reason I do not know, it’s not for safety as they have just put huge sheets up to restrict the views. I manage to find a small gap where I can get some half decent photos of the first couple of laps, as seeing anything let alone getting a photo is near impossible at any of the small stands. We try and climb a tree, but find it is absolutely covered in huge red ants and are quickly escorted down by about ten security guards. We have a walk around and find a couple of reasonable spots in our area, one of which is very hidden and the other we have to walk into a fountain. If you want to watch the race, you have to watch it on one of the huge screens, but it is worth going just for the sound, it is amazing, so loud it is ridiculous. We had been told to take ear plugs and I thought everyone was just exaggerating, but if you were standing near the track it was painfully loud and they were definitely needed. Taking photos was very difficult with the restricted views, low light and just ridiculous speed the cars were going.  The only real decent shots were the ones of the cars after they had been dragged off the track. We watched quite a bit in the main square, with some Aussies, there was a lot of booing when Webber forced Hamilton off! We had tickets to watch Mariah Carey, but decided not to bother in the end. We head to Clarke Quay, a pint of Tiger is $22, about £10, so we don’t end up drinking and leave pretty quickly and decide to spend our money tomorrow.


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