More Snorkelling!

on Monday, 13 September 2010

This morning the guys finally turn up, so there is now eight of us, 3 stay at our hotel and the other 3 get a dorm. They drop off all their stuff and we get some breakfast and chill out on the beach. We hire some more snorkelling stuff and go to the other end of the beach where a couple has said they saw giant fish and moray eels. I go out with James, Adam and Tim and after about 45mins I decide to go back because the snorkel and mask are dreadful and there is not that many fish out there. The others stay out a bit longer and come back saying they have seen the huge fish and eels as well. We stay on the beach a bit longer, before getting some dinner and going out for some drinks. I only have one beer, but the others go through 3 bottles of rum before going out and then more rum and beers when out.


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