Leaving Singapore And Tom

on Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Today, we leave Singapore. I get up late and have some breakfast and we wait at the hotel until we need to leave. Me, Darren and James get the MRT to the airport and the others get a cab including Tom. I am leaving from a different terminal and have to get a bus, so I don’t see the others before leaving. Mine and Tom’s trip is over after nearly 7 months together! I wait in the departure lounge by myself and realise that now I am by myself again and am a bit apprehensive about my course and how easily I can get a job in China. The flight is four hours and unfortunately I don’t have my laptop but manage to read and listen to some music to get through the journey. The flight is slightly delayed but I get extra leg room again and again Tiger airways are great. I arrive and Waiyi is waiting to meet me, we get the airport express to Fortress hill and I stay at the same hostel me and Tom did the last time we were here. The dorm is full of some weird people this time though. There is a Chinese looking couple with loads of luggage sharing a single bed and look like they have stayed for months and also two other guys who also look like they are living there, one of which is covered in tattoos and is rolling a joint, he has all the latest Apple products though and says he is on a business trip meeting other Apple employees. The bed is very small and I decide I won’t stay there after this night, the dorm is $140 a night which is a fairly good price for Hong Kong, but I can’t stay here two weeks! Me and Waiyi go for a late nigh steak at a place across the road which is ridiculously cheap and we see a apparently famous Hong Kong actor there.


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