Giant Turtles, But No Sharks

on Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Today we decide to do the snorkelling trip. We are up at 10:30 and the full day trip starts at 10:30pm. We decide 5 hours is to long anyway, so do the shorter trip, which goes to the main points anyway. Shark point and turtle point. On the trip is me, James, Tom and Adam. To start with we stop at turtle point and there is loads of people, we all jump in and after 30 seconds a huge turtle swims up underneath me, up to the surface and then dives back down. The visibility is not great and only Adam sees some small ones. After a while, they say we will go back later. The next stop is shark point, we all jump in again, with the guys from the boat, it is a bit clearer here, but still not as good as near the beach, for some reason. I spot a small shark, maybe 3 or 4 foot long, but it swims of so quickly, I only get a short glimpse. After about 20 minutes in the water, Tom and Adam spot one or maybe to big ones, that again swim off before me and James can get to them. We spot one other little baby shark, but that is it. It is a bit disappointing not to see the big one as I expected there would be lots and they would swim around us. We then head to one other point, but this is just fish and a little boring. We go back to turtle point on the way back and there is nobody there this time. We spot a few on the surface, one which is quite close, so we all jump in and swim with it for a few minutes. It is huge and has lots of fish swimming alongside cleaning it.  We then return to the beach and sunbathe till dinner. Some guys get some sleep early and some others stay out till 5am. Me, James and Taco are doing a dive tomorrow and have to be down on the beach at 8:30am, so we get an early one.


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