First Dive In 6 Months

on Thursday, 16 September 2010

This morning I am up at 7:30am for the diving, I wake the others up and we go and get some breakfast down on the beach. I am a bit nervous, as I have not dived for 6 months and am not sure if I will be able to remember everything. Our gear is set up and we have to give it a check over, I just watch the others to get some idea of what to do. We stick all the stuff in the boat and head to the dive site, picking up another diver from the other island on the way. We arrive at the dive site called Pinnacle, which is a triangular shape rock that just about sticks out of the water and at the deepest point is about 25m. We get our gear on and get in and go down with the guide, there is us 3 and one other guy on a pleasure dive who is a divemaster, his name is Felix and he is German. He has all his own gear and an underwater camera. We go down circle the rock a couple of times, James runs out of air near the end and ends up sharing with Felix and Taco surfaces a few minutes before the rest of us as he is also out of air. We get back in the boat and head back to the dive centre, we strip our gear and fill in our log books. All finished by 11:00am. The rest of the day is spent relaxing on the beach. Tomorrow morning we will all leave. James will go to KL and the rest will either go to Langkawi or back to Thailand. I am unsure whether to go to Langkawi or straight down to KL, but will decide tomorrow.


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