Back To Thailand

on Friday, 17 September 2010

Today we have planned to leave the Perenthians, last night Adam has said that some were talking about not leaving and staying. But the plan is still me, James, Tom and Tim will leave. My alarm goes of at 7am and we all get up, apart from Tom who is in bed with all his clothes on, including a jumper, he is really ill. James also decides he will stay another night and therefore just me, Tim and Adam leave. We get the 8:00am speedboat over to Kual Besut and then share a taxi to Kota Bharu for 60 ringgit. We arrive at the bus terminal and check the busses but they say that because of the religious holiday, all Muslims are travelling around and as the country has a very high Muslim population, everyone is travelling. We decide to instead get a  taxi to the Thai border and then a bus over to the port and a boat to Koh Lipe. We arrive at the port at 6:30pm Thai time and find there are no more busses and the speedboat to the island is 900baht return, which seems ridiculous considering it’s only about 40km and you can go to Singapore for the same price and that must be at least 1500km. We have some food and discuss our options. Me and Adam think we will go to Koh Samui again for another full moon instead, as it just seems way too expensive. We will think about it overnight and decide in the morning.


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