Sky Bar

on Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Today we all decide to go to the shopping centre, we have to get two cabs, but along the way we get split up and are dropped at different areas of the shopping centre. We have no way of contacting each other and after looking around a bit, me, Paul and Oli decide to visit Lumphini park. We have a walk around and have a look, but it is absolutely boiling. The have a huge outdoor gym there with bench presses using huge tractor tyres instead of weights. Afterwards we head back to the hotel to meet up with the others.

In the evening we go to the Sky bar in state tower, which has the highest restaurant in the world. It is far too expensive, so we just have a cocktail at the bar. I have a Vesper Martini, which I know is revolting, but nevertheless it is 007’s drink. The drinks are all about £10, so we don’t spend long. But you get free pistachios, which we manage to eat about 20 bowls of, to get our moneys worth. Unfortunately because it had been raining we were not allowed out onto the balcony to take photos for health and safety reasons! So we had to take some photos from inside, which was not great. A bit of a shame we couldn’t go outside, because the rain had stopped and the view would have made for some great photos!


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