Leaving Phuket For Kuala Lumpur

on Saturday, 28 August 2010

This morning we did a last minute bit of shopping before getting the taxi to the airport. Waiyi was leaving at 4pm, so we got there about 2pm. She got checked in, and at the check in there was a sign saying “Attention all guests, we inform you that the Malaysian immigration has stopped giving out visa on arrival from the 15th of August, if you could previously obtain a VOA you will now have to get a visa beforehand, otherwise we can not accept you” So in the queue I thought, that’s it we are not going to get to Malaysia. We get to the check in counter and I ask and they do some checks on the computer and it turns out I am still ok and it is only some countries that have had the VOA revoked. It is time for Waiyi to go through immigration, so we say our goodbyes :(. I now have about a 6.5 hour wait till my flight, so just sit in a bar. Tom arrives not much later from his bus from Koh Pha-Ngan and we both just wait in the airport, spending several hours over a pint to get free wifi. We check in at about 9:30pm, our flight and find out the flight is delayed 1.5 hours, so have to wait even longer in the airport. We finally take off at about 11pm. The flight is just over an hour, but as we come in to land, we are almost about to land and then the plane suddenly pulls up sharply and we have to fly round for another 30mins before landing. The pilot just says “They were asked to pull up for an unknown reason”. The woman next to me doesn’t like the manoeuvre much and the turbulence and fills 3 sick bags. We finally land and get a taxi to our hotel, finally arriving at about 3am absolutely shattered.


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