Leaving Paradise

on Monday, 23 August 2010

This morning we are leaving Koh Yao for Koh Phi Phi. We are up at 7am and get packed before going down to checkout. They initially try and charge about 24,000baht when the bill is actually 15,000baht. We then have some breakfast and get the longtail to the other pier, from there we get a taxi to the main pier, Manoh pier. This works out cheaper than it did to get there, so we had been ripped off as usual. We then get a  speedboat from Manoh pier to Bangrong pier, Phuket. This costs 200baht, during the journey the weather gets really bad and the driver can only see about 5 metres in front of the boat. This doesn’t stop him flying along at about 50mph, until we almost smash straight into another island and he finally decides to slow down. He eventually finds the right route and we get to Bangrong pier about 20 minutes late. It is still raining really heavily and we have to run to get under shelter. We manage to find a taxi and go to Ratsada pier to catch the ferry to Phi Phi. We get out tickets and the boat leaves at about 1:30pm and should take 2 hours. The ferry is considerably more expensive than I had thought and that it cost from Krabi to Phi Phi. We arrive and book 2 nights at palmtree resort. I think we could have got it slightly cheaper online, but I am shattered and just want to get something booked. We dump our stuff and get a bit of lunch and have a fish spa and look round the shops and get some prices for hiring a longtail. We come back have a bit of dinner and a couple of beers and hope the weather tomorrow will be a bit better!


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