Jet Ski And Fanta Sea

on Friday, 27 August 2010

Today after breakfast we went down onto the beach. We had a walk along, but it was just so hot we had to stop and get some sun beds and an umbrella. We spent a couple of hours on the beach, before deciding to do some jet skiing. We had twenty minutes on a big one. It was the fastest jet ski I have ever been on! We ended up falling off once, because of me and then Waiyi decided to take over and poodle around at about 10mph. We then noticed the sea was completely full of huge jelly fish, so were a bit more careful. After the beach we headed back to the hotel and relaxed before we had to leave to visit Fanta Sea. Fanta sea is huge attraction in Phuket and for the almost £45 each we had spent, hoped it would be amazing. We arrived and had our buffet lunch, which was in a huge hall, with loads of different food. We then had some time to look around the park, which was basically full of shops and theme park style games to win teddies. The shops were mainly jewellery shops and were just there so the old men could buy the young Thai holiday wives a present. We did quite well at the games and won 5 prizes. They had a little pistol range which I managed to win on with a very impressive score of 46 out of 50! They also had an air rifle range with metal pellets and the guns were not fixed down at all. There was nothing to stop someone just walking off with one. I didn’t do so well on this one, I think the sights were a bit off! Waiyi won on the basketball game, embarrassing all the guys who were failing next to her, some very impressive shooting! We then went to watch the show which started a bit boringly. It was meant to be a story, but was quite hard to follow and other than the elephant shows and the magic show, it was actually quite boring, and with cramped and uncomfortable seats was not worth it considering the price. The Chinese acrobatic shows were much more impressive for much less money! We get the minibus back and get some sleep. We are both leaving the next day. Waiyi back to HK and me to KL! It has been a great 10 days!


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