Finally Some Sun

on Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Today we wake up to clear blue skies and it is a beautiful day, finally the first nice day we have had. We have breakfast at the hotel, before going to try and hire a longtail for the day. The previous night we had checked the prices and I had thought they said 1200baht for half a day and 1700baht for a whole day, but this is not the case and they want 2500 for the whole day. We decide 6 hours is a bit long and just go for the half day option. We go on the same route as I had done before, but the boat is able to go up to maya beach and we don’t have to swim to the rocks and climb up like last time. We do some snorkelling and take some photos, but it is just so hot. We visit monkey beach again and this time it is full of monkeys and everyone is feeding them bananas. We end up getting back a bit early, but have had enough anyway. We get back to the hotel at about 4pm and end up falling asleep till about midnight. We get up and have a quick walk to the beach and get some food, but almost as soon as we arrive on the beach everything is closing, so we go back and get some more sleep. We have quite an early start to get the boat back to Phuket at 9:30am.


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