Arriving On Phi Phi

on Tuesday, 3 August 2010

From the pier at Surrathani, we have to wait around for about one and a half hours and then have a 2 hour bus trip to Krabi. We arrive at Krabi about 9 o'clock and have unfortunately missed the 9am ferry. Therefore we have to wait four hours for the next one. The ferry takes another 2 hours and we finally arrive at about 3pm. We chill out for a bit and have some food. I am feeling really unwell so go to bed, everyone else goes and checks out the nightlife in Phi Phi. The weather when we arrive is absolutely roasting, but in the evening it rains and is overcast. First impressions are not what I had expected and it seems very quiet and although there are new hotels, the general areas on the island, don’t look great.


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