170 Days!

on Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It doesn't feel like it, but today is our 170th day away, it feels like only half that and time is just going way too quickly as is the money. We arrived back in Bangkok at about 10pm, the train was over 3 hours late! I just sit in a bar all day, I try and buy a new rucksack, as the strap has broken on mine and I could do with something a little bigger. I can't find anything that looks that good quality so decide to wait it out and try and cut down some clothes instead. Tom goes to the cinema with Joe and Jack, they leave at 6pm on the bus to Koh Pha-Ngan. I will leave shortly after for the airport, and the flight is at 9:20pm, arriving in Phuket at 10:40pm. The next ten days I will be on the islands chilling out and Tom will be on the opposite side partying for full moon again.


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